Sisters of Charity of Saint Mary of Good Counsel (SCSM)

SCSM, a religious congregation of Pontifical Right was founded 1866 in Turin, Italy, as a pious union (Our Lady of the Sacred Heart) by the servant of God, Louise Angelica Clarac (1817- 1887, Sister Mary Clarac, U C , 1841-1871) from France, who had established, using primarily her own inheritance, a "House of Mercy" Reverend Jean Baptiste Etienne, C M., superior general, attempted to require that she change her last will and testament (already written with the Ladies of Charity is benefiaries) in favor of the Company of the Daughters of Charity. Fearing that Etiennes plan would impoverish her institute, Clarac consulted with Saint John Bosco (1815-1888, canonized 1934) and upon his recommendation, boughta villa with sufficient land to support the work Upon the advice of Bosco and supported by Louis Monoreno (1800-1878), bishop of Ivrea, Clarac left the Daughters of Charity in 1871 but retained her name, habit, and the Common Rules of Saint Vincent which this institute follows. The institute follows the spirit of charity of Saint Vincent de Paul with a special focus on youth. (Generalate via Curtatone. 17; 10131 Turin, Italy ) The Congregation was introduced in Kumbakonam, India in 1992.