History of the Sisters of Charity of Nazareth (SCN)

The Congregation of the Sisters of Charity of Nazareth was founded in Kentucky, USA in 1812 by Bishop Jeane Baptiste Marie David and Mother Catherine Spalding. Since then for the last 203 years, the SCNs have been responding to the Ďneeds and signs of the timesí through dedicated services in the fields of education, health-care, service to the socially and economically poor and oppressed peoples, care of the Earth, advocacy for system changes and reaching out in love for the spiritually poor.

The motto of our congregation is: ĎThe love of Christ impels usí. This Charity is the driving force to share the burdens of the needy, to search for God, to share Godís love with each person and to actualize the beatitudes of our times. As Sisters of Charity of Nazareth, we are keenly aware that our lives are a struggle to serve as Jesus served yet we continue our best efforts trusting in the providence of God to be relevant, life-giving, consecrated women in simplicity and freedom.

Our mission in India began in 1947 when the six pioneer sisters from Nazareth-Kentucky arrived in Mokama, Bihar. One of the pioneers, Sister Ann Roberta Powers is still with us in Mokama.

We are engaged in formal and non-formal education for the young, youth and adults in rural and urban set-up. From 1948, health care, both institutional and rural is a priority for the sisters. Keeping with the latest trends in health care, SCNs are moving into primary health care to reach out to the marginalized who cannot afford quality health care. In the social field, they are in the forefront to give awareness education in Systemic Change for the masses and for the religious. With great passion we care for the differently-abled children (mentally and physically) through our residential facilities. The socially and economically deprived youth are given counseling and skill training through Community Colleges. They also work in collaboration with government and non-governmental agencies. One of our Sisters is working at the United Nations in New York as a representative of Charity Federation.

We are extremely grateful to God, our associates, collaborators, benefactors, friends and well wishers who assist us in furthering our efforts to bring about Godís reign among us. The love of Christ continue to impels us to move forward with hope and trust in the Providence.

Superior General
Sr. Primosa
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