Brothers of Charity (FC)

On December 28, 1807, Fr Peter Joseph Triest gathered a few young men to take care of some elderly people in a Ghent hospice. In this town, just as in many other regions at that time, care of the poor, sick and aged was at low ebb. Fr. Triest wanted to change this situation and therefore, founded four religious Congregations and one of them is the Congregation of The Brothers of Charity. In 1807, he called them “Hospital Brothers of St Vincent.” They took religious vows for the first time in 1811. That, which started small in 1807, has gradually developed into an international Congregation with foundations in 25 countries.

The motto of the Congregation “Deues Caritas Est” – “God is Love”, calls to mind the origin of the Congregation’s charism, God Himself, as well as the inspiring figures of the Patron of the Congregation, St Vincent De Paul and of the Founder Fr. P.J. Triest. The charism finds its practical application in the preferential concern for the persons whose human dignities or faculties are impaired. In all these aspects they recognize a way of thinking, acting and living which is characteristic of the Congregation in its attitude towards God, human and the world.

Apostolate: Care of the Psychiatric Patients, Care for elderly people, and School for mentally handicapped children, school for normal children, Care of AIDS patients and drug addicts. (Generalate: Casa generalizia dei Fratelli dalla Carita, Via Giambattista Pagano, 35, 1-00167 Rome, Italy).