Sisters of Charity of Jesus and Mary (SCJM)

SCJM, a relgious congregation of Pontifical Right was founded in 1803 at Lovendegem, a village near Ghent, Belgium. by Reverend Pierre Joseph Triest (1760-1836) in collaboration with Maria Teresa van der Gauwen (Mother Placide) for education, charitable services including care of orphans and nursing according to the spirit of Saint Vincent de Paul, patron of this institute. The rule reflects the double inspiration of charity of Vincent de Paul and the contemplation of Saint Bernard Triest wanted to obtain the Common Rules of Saint Vincent but was unable to do so. Triest also founded three other Belgian institutes: the Brothers of Charity (1807), the Brothers of Saint John of God (1823) to nurse the sick at home, and the Sisters of the Holy Childhood of Jesus (1835) for the care and education of foundlings. in 1954 the Hospitallers of Saint Vincent de Paul of Eeklo united with the latter. Because of his great compassion for the needy in the post-revolutionary era, the founder was known as the Vincent de Paul of Belgium. (Generalate 25 rue Saint Bernard: 1060 Brussels, Belgium.) The Congregation was introduced in India in 1907